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As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, here is the microwave appalam recipe. We either deep fry the appalams or roast them on stove top (sutta appalam) but this is so simple and tastes exactly like fried appalam. Guess, from whom I learnt this recipe? From my hubby. When I came to US after my marriage we stayed in an apartment which has the coil stove top and I had lot of mishaps. I was scared to fry and didn’t even appalams or pooris.  And that’s when M shared this idea with me. For three appalams you need only 2 tsps of oil. 


Before explaining the process the main things to note are,

  1. Do Not Use Plastic Plates. I always go for heavy glass ware or you can directly keep the appalam in the oven’s turntable glass plate itself. 
  2. Do not microwave for more than 1 minute and do one appalam at a time.
  3. The time depends upon the power and heat setting of your microwave. So try for 30 secs first and then add 15 seconds incrementally. 
  4. If you are frying more than three appalams, the plate gets really hot so be careful while handling the plate. (I have never tried more than 5) 

Here are the steps,

I just took 3 appalams and 2 tsps of oil. (I am using the oil to get the fried effect. You can skip the oil too)


Apply the oil in the appalam. I just dipped my forefinger in the oil and spread it on both the sides.

AppalamWith Oil

Step 2: 

Microwave it for 30 seconds and check and flip it and then microwave again for 15 seconds or 30 seconds depending upon your setting. I microwaved it for 30 seconds on both sides. That’s it. Appalam is ready.


Repeat the same for other appalams.


Serve it with your favorite rice. 

Recently came across this article about microwave. A good read. :-)

6 thoughts on “Microwave Appalam / Papad

  1. Its such a life saver right – the microwave! I can not imagine my life without it :) I dont even apply oil – just put it on the turn table and in 20-30 secs, its made :) Works really well for papad, especially without oil.

    • Oh yeah absolutely. For the sutta appalam style I don’t use oil. But for the fried type especially for arisi appalam I just spread some. Some how Me n M are not that big fans of the papad. We either opt for regular ulunthu or arisi appalam if not the kerala style pappadams. :-)

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