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The last day of this mega marathon and yes I completed two mega marathons this year. This month was pretty crazy with lot of festivals and I was posting two recipes in a day which I would never do. I hope you all enjoyed the series and I will be doing the round up posts soon. Between October is going to be a slow month. As I did more cooking, loads of coding work is pending. ;-) But you can see my regular posts in my FB page and my weekly digest emails.


How many ever times I visit this city there is something new to look forward. Each and every trip is unique and different. I am talking about San Francisco – the home of Giants and 49ers. I have already written about SFO Ferry building this January. This month I became the tour guide of SFO as M was out of town. We were hosting his uncle and aunt and I was showing some places around bay. I took them by Bart only. I am not yet ready to drive in SFO and the other main thing is I don’t have patience to find parking in SFO. Bart and Uber helped us a lot.

I hope everyone know Mark Twain’s quote – “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” SFO will be always cloudy, windy and foggy. Thanks to the cold Pacific ocean.  It was a very clear day and not many days are clear like this in SFO.

Now coming to the main part of this post – Golden Gate Bridge. Why so much hype about this bridge? It is the symbol of SFO. The golden gate bridge is a three mile long suspension bridge connecting the northern tip of SFO and Marin County. The golden gate is because as it covers the golden strait and it’s the gateway to enter into the SFO bay so hence the name.


The color of the bridge may look like red but it’s not red, it’s International Orange. (The hex code is #ff4f00) The interesting thing is the painting work is ongoing process. They keep painting the bridge so as to avoid the corrosion. For the first time I got the full view of the bridge without fog. Here are some ferry pics and other pics from SFO.


Port of SFO / Ferry Buidling


Tried BnW pic. Ferry ready for departure

Fisherman’s Wharf, Crooked Street, Ferry Building, Golden Gate and China Town, City Hall are some of the famous places in SFO. This time I took them to Ferry Building, GG and China Town as we had only half a day.


China Town Entrance


Hope you all enjoyed this month’s series. Love to hear your feedback and will be back with the recap post soon.


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15 thoughts on “Non Recipe – SFO Golden Gate Bridge

  1. Haven’t been to SFO in 13 years. But have some very pleasant memories close to my heart. Your post just made me go down the memory lane!! Thanks.
    It was nice running the marathon with you.

  2. usha

    Some cities we never get no matter how many times we visit. San Francisco is one of them. I love the ride on the bridge and then the small town Sausalito. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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