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IMC – just recollecting how I started my journey with them. I think I landed on IMC website through R’s Mom blog. I became a regular reader of IMC and the thought of writing for them started budding slowly. I still remember when my first post got published in Jan 2014. I was checking my article on the way to India at Singapore. I was super elated. That’s the beginning and that’s how my journey started with IMC as a contributor. After completing my master’s project I didn’t use my Android skills at all. I wanted to try some app but I unless and until pushed with a deadline won’t be motivated. Got a wonderful opportunity to build the android app for IMC and slowly started contributing in other areas of IMC and that’s it now IMC has become part and parcel of my life. It’s wonderful to be part of this great women’s team and my day starts and ends with reading our WhatsApp conversations :-)

From a parenting blog, IMC started to spread its wings and we launched the marketplace couple of months back and now this wonderful Treasure Box. An idea that started as a WhatsApp conversation is live now and to be true, the idea became product within 2 months in both India and US.

Preethi, the jet fast developer completed the development in less than 3 weeks. (Preethi I promise I will get my hands dirty in Ruby on Rails) Aarti and RM pitched in and helped with naming the product, marketing ideas and with other guidelines. Two wonderful crafters helped us to create awesome activities related to the books. Thanks to Gayathri and Poornima.

So now you might wonder what I did.

Err finding faults. ;-) ;-) He he… Actually testing and also helped with design. The chef in me thought of adding kids friendly recipes so helped with that also.

IMC’ Treasure Box is a monthly subscription and Door delivery of a medley of things to spark your child’s imagination! It is available for USA and India. We have the “Under The Imli” box for 2-4 year olds and the “Under The Banyan” box for 4-7 year olds.

What’s inside this treasure box?


1 A book which one of us has read and reviewed and recommended

2. A craft related to that book designed by the super talented women Poornima and Gayathri

3. A recipe suggested by the superchef Vidhya

4. An app appropriate to age group suggested by the techo queen Preethi

Get more details about the box here @ Treasure Box

Please do support and show some love to our new venture and subscribe :-) :-)


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