Challenge : Love in ten sentences

This is a long term pending challenge and finally got a chance to complete it. Vasantha from My sweet nothings challenged to write a poem about love in ten sentences. Me and poem??? Good joke huh.. So I am just writing about love in ten sentences. But any ways thanks to her for challenging me and this bought some good old memories and it was really fun doing it. When I showed it M, he was ROFLing Max.. I hope you all enjoy it too.

Love in 10 Sentences

So here is the challenge and the  rules:

Rules for the Challenge:

  1. Write a poem about love with a title “Love in Ten Sentences.”
  2. Poem must have 10 lines, each 4 words long. Every line must contain the word “love”.
  3. Include a favorite quote about love at the end of the poem.
  4. Challenge other bloggers.

Before you read my poem (????) I will challenge other bloggers.


Errrr here is my so called poem and thoughts behind those sentences.

I would like to start with Mahatma’s quote.
Where there is love there is life.
And now my own
Where there is love there is music
Now love with related to tastes
Love should be sweet as honey so that it lets us to bond with our loved ones in our life
Love should be sour as mango so that it adds flavour to our life
Love should be salty as salt so that it allows chemistry in our life
Love should be hot as chilly so that it gives the perfect kick to our life
Love should be bitter at times like bitter gourd so that it gives a chance to retrospect our life
Now coming to the funny part..
Love is the weapon that helped Harry Potter to win Lord Voldemort.
So from Voldemort’s perspective
Love can be dangerous too

And finally

Love you like a love song baby is one of my favorite song ;-)

I love one of vaandi’s rhyme which says “Love is in air feel it”. Thats my favorite quote.

Hope I haven’t killed love. :-) :-) Err thanks for reading. Here is that beautiful love you like a love song baby by Selana Gomez.


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