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My last post was about couple of blue tooth devices that I use during workout and mentioned that I do a lot of outdoor workouts. I use the “RunKeeper” app for measuring the distance and calories. I love that app. You can find my review here. I also wrote about “fitness blender” and thats a great website for strength training and for some basic yoga.

Today I am going to talk about another app. “MyFitnessPal”. When I started my personal training, my trainer was asking to write all I eat and maintain my intake calorie count. This was really difficult for me. I didn’t change my diet so writing calorie amount for my food (Tamil Nadu Style) became really difficult. I was doing a wild guess  from internet and randomly adding calories. I was not happy about what I was doing. That’s when I found this great app myfitnesspal.

It’s a free calorie counter app and has over 4 million foods in its database. What I like about the app,

  • Based on you weight, height and weight loss goal it tells your daily calorie intake.
  • You can log your breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. It highlights if your food has more carbs, protein, or fat.
  • The main highlight is that you can connect your other fitness apps like “Runkeeper”, “Endomondo” and “Fitbit”. It includes your burned calories from these apps and when you complete you log entry you get a picture of your intake and burned calorie summary.
  • They have all Indian food. Look at this screen capture below:

2015-03-02 05.35.18

  • This screen capture just gives the different options for “Vathal Kuzhambu”. Look the drop down, it has even grand sweets brand calorie value. I was so amazed by this. :-) :-)


I know this is not an accurate count as the oil you use may vary and the amount of veggies you add may vary. But IMO, I felt the calorie count was reasonable and much better than what I was doing before.

It’s available for both IOS and Android. Let me know what do you think and also if there any other apps do share it.

Disclaimer: I have not received any remuneration for this review. Its just my personal opinion

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  1. I used to use this app till few months back. It is an excellent app, which has all our Indian food included. Stopped for sometime now ;) Will have to restart in few more months. Good info for people who need it Sri!!!

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