Prep Once Serve Twice dishes

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, my prep once serve twice got ended today at IMC. So cross posting those dishes here now.

These are the dishes I tried with that concept and the idea behind them. I know we can make a lot of similar ideas. I would like to hear from you also.

Please click on the titles below for the recipes:

  • Dhal Palak and Dhal palak paratha.
    • Dhal as we all know is one of the comfort food and I try to sneak in possible veggies and spinach and dhal combination is a big hit. Serve dhal paratha with either rice or roti. I make sure I prepare them in large quantity and next day use the same to make dhal paratha. You are set for two days.
  • Kanchipuram Idly and Podi Idly
    • Idlys are life savers. Instead of having them plain try as kanchipuram idly and podi idly. Simple dish with a twist loaded with veggies and of course flavors.
  • Masoor dhal sambhar for rice and Idly/Dosai
    • When it comes to sambhar, I am very picky. I cannot have ArachuVitta Sambhar
      for idly and dosa. At the same time I cannot have tiffin sambhar with rice. If you like sure go ahead with these sambhar. But this masoor dhal sambhar goes very well with rice and also for idly and dosa. I love the sambhar idly made with this sambhar.
  • Potato Curry for rice and roti:
    • Potato is a very versatile vegetable. It can be used in n number of ways. This potato onion curry is heavenly with rasam rice and goes well with roti in the form of rolls. Great for packing lunches.
  • Aloo bhaji/curry for poori and Masala dosai:
    • The poori bhaji that I do with potato is semi-solid errr not too gravy and not a dry curry. :-) This goes well with poori and roti and the left over goes as masala for masala dosai. I know this is not the proper masala dosai’s masala but it goes well for that too. :-)

Would love to hear your comments and ideas. :-)

All the above dishes are cross posted here.

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