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I am completing my “Prepare Once, Serve Twice” series at IMC tomorrow. So thought of posting the weekend prep that I do before cross post those recipes here. (Mostly it will be a gallery with links as most of the recipes are from here)

Weekdays are really hectic for all of us. With kids pick up, drop, their homework, work, extracurricular activities we don’t have enough time for preparing full course meal daily. When I had the same issue, I started preparing one dish and served it different way the next day. Its a huge hit in our household. It may seem like a repetition but it isn’t. This is going to be a series of prep once serve twice dishes for the next few weeks that makes weekday dinners and lunch easy. Before that, I wanted to share what I have in my pantry and fridge.

Disclaimer: I am South Indian Vegetarian. The ingredients listed below  reflect our choice and preferences.

According to me, a perfect weekend is taking complete rest on Saturday, grocery on Sunday morning and preparing for the week on Sunday afternoon. So what do I do on Sunday afternoon?

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  • Preparing Idly/Dosa batter
  • Chopping all the vegetables
  • Making Rasam/Tamarind gojju paste.

But as per the saying “Man proposes, God disposes”, not all my weekends go as per my plan. Some weekends are busy with travelling or some weekends are busy with social commitments or some weekends are busy with just laundry or some weekends are occupied with unplanned events. On top of all these some weekends I just don’t feel like doing anything. All I want is to lie on the couch and relax. (???). Bottom-line I may not be ready for the week 70% of the time. So I need to rely on semi home foods and carry over some dishes with some twist on the following day. I do cook daily at the same time I do use leftovers. (Somehow cooking for a whole week didn’t work for me)

I make sure I replenish these stuffs regularly. Also if I didn’t get a chance to prepare idli batter, I manage to prepare it even during the weekdays. (It’s a total life saver)

Apart from Milk, Yogurt, vegetables and bread, I need these ingredients for sure. 

  1. Idly batter
  2. Pastas
  3. Any pasta sauce (Tomato or Alfredo or Pesto)
  4. Cheese (Cheddar for sure)
  5. Tortillas
  6. Ready Made Roti
  7. Garbanzo beans can
  8. Coconut Milk can
  9. Frozen coconut (I use loads of coconut and coconut milk)
  10.  Frozen mixed vegetables
  11. Frozen peas
  12. Idly podi / Chutney podi
  13. Paneer / Tofu
  14. Ketchup

Please let me know what are your main ingredients in your pantry?

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15 thoughts on “Weekend Preparation for Workdays / Cooking tips

  1. My pantry essentials are pastas, quinoa, amaranth for breakfast, brown rice,tortillas, cheese, dried beans and lentils of every kind, peanut butter that i use like in every desi vegetable dish…not kidding here, peanuts crushed(we love peanuts),ketchup, frozen veggies…so a lot like your list. My frozen coconut is usually untouched, though I have it.

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