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So here we are, the last day of the blogathon. Yayyyyy.. I completed it :-) It took me 5 years to write 100 blog posts   . So writing 31 posts in a month is some thing big for me. Except for the kiddo’s bday post, I kept all my non-recipe posts around food too. It was fun doing food related post.

It’s only January but lot of things happened within this month.  Not sure how this year is going to be. But this blogathon helped me to deviate from other worries and kept me going. I am really glad that I found some cool blogs, new blog friends and new readers. A warm welcome to my space and thanks to all :-)

Today, it’s going to be an informative cum recipe post. It’s all about Barley. (I am not going to talk about fermented barley, which is used in beer ;-)) One my friend was mentioning that barley water helps in weight loss. The word weight loss made me hooked to barley and I started reading about this grain a lot. OMG!!! I was so amazed by the benefits of this barley water. Weight loss is one among its benefits and you can read the other benefits here.

So I made a point that at least once a week we drink this amazing barley water and found a great idea to use the cooked barley also.

How to make barley water?

  • ½ cup of pearl barley
  • 4 cups of water


  • Wash the barley and add 4 cups of water, till the water comes to nice boil.
  • Let it cool and that’s it, barley water is ready.

2015-01-27 20.17.472015-01-27 20.18.24

Note: It’s an acquired taste. If you want you can add a little bit of salt. But I got used to without salt. It doesn’t taste that bad.

So now what to do with that cooked barley? Of course Idli and Dosa.

The cooked barley was approximately 2 cups. So I soaked 2 more cups of idly rice and 1 cup of urad dhal and grinded to get the idly batter. I just kept my 4:1 ratio of rice to urad dhal. 4 cups of rice became 2 of cups of cooked barley plus 2 cups of idly rice.

Both idly and dosai came our really good. There wasn’t any big difference in the taste. We really liked it. It’s always good to add more fiber to your food. So this barley water, barley idly and dosa became staple in our household.

2015-01-29 07.38.012015-01-30 19.28.34


17 thoughts on “Recipes with Barley

  1. do you bring water to boil and then add barley or just keep the barley with water in stove and allow it to come to boil? sorry for too many questions.. I want to try this..

    • Yayyy to all us :-) No worries about the questions. I just keep the barley with water in stove and bring to boil. This is what I do Ani. Sunday night I boil this barley water and let it sit overnight. I don’t keep it in fridge. Morning it will be cool and I take it work. I reuse the same barley and add 4 more cups of water and bring to boil and use it that evening. Monday morning I soak idly rice and dhal and in evening I grind it the usual way. First urad dhal. After 20 mts, I add rice and barley together on top of urad dhal and add salt also.(I don’t take urad dhal from grinder). Let it grind for up to 30-35 mts. Fermenting takes one whole day for me. I just keep it out. Thats all.

      I add lemon wedges or black salt sometimes in my barley water. I give this to kid only when he is sick. It helps to remove the toxins.

  2. yayyyy on completing the blogathon Sri.. I want to try barley too..Few questions, do you grind idli batter the usual way like soak rice/dal for overnight, grind them seperately and mix? do you grind cooked barley too? My maavu never ferments properly… do you have any tips? I even tried keeping it in oven with light on :(

  3. Awesome Sri!!! Congrats on completing the blogathon :) I have been seeing barley every where and wanted to do something with it. I am gonna try all these really soon. This is definitely a very helpful post!!!!

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