Amma, I am Six!!!

Happy Birthday my dear vaandu :-)

It’s a Sixer!!! Our little vaandu turns six today. (To be precise, exactly at 00:03 AM and that’s the reason behind the scheduled time ) He is not a little fella anymore. Should I call him dude? Nahhh, he will be always our little bundle of joy. Our entire life revolves around him. As it’s a food blog, I haven’t posted much about him except for a couple, but you can find my parenting articles at IMC. He is growing fast, but I am not growing as a mom as fast as him. I have never let him stay without me for more than 10 hrs. I am very possessive about him. (If I explain the details, this will become a sentimental cum comedy post) I need to let go of these habits and grow up.

So what to say about him? As he is turning six, I am just posting some six random points about him.

  1.  He is still a blanky boy who lives in his imaginary world where Goddess Sita and Mooshaka (Lord Ganesha’s vaahanam (deity’s mount)) are his friends. (Thanks to Karadi Tales and Lord Ganesha cartoon)
  2. He is our sous chef and our helper (???)
  3.  He is an ardent fan of curious George and Caillou, now trying to become a fan of Sid the Science Kid.
  4. He is very passionate about cars, loves to learn about the car, their make and other details.(Do I need to say like M?). Sometimes I feel M and Vaandu loves car more than me. Sighhhhh.
  5. As of today, he wants to become a teacher when he grows up. (Just so you know our plans change every month.)
  6. He likes to jump a lot and we are going to celebrate his birthday in the same bounce place like last year. The bounce place party is on Saturday.

Friends who follow me in twitter might have seen this.. But wanted to share this again. He is our gift for sure. Love you kanna.

I am not baking any cake today, going to outsource from store. I don’t want any sodappal story on his birthday.  Will be making his favorite food for dinner. Poori and chole. :-) Thats it. :-) :-)



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