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I and M are movie freaks. Before kiddo was born, we had Netflix 3 DVD option and during weekends, we used to see all 3 movies on one day and return them back right away and wait for next 3 ;-) ;-). We are still movie freaks but with one difference. As I mentioned earlier we used to watch 3 movies in one day, now 1 movie in 3 days. That’s it. No big difference right??

**Spoiler ahead

My colleague recommended this movie and we rented it in YouTube. It’s a nice comedy-drama movie produced and directed by Jon Favreau, he also the main protagonist in that movie. He is professional chef in LA who gets into some issues with a food critic, resigns his job and returns to his home town Miami. There he finds a food truck, fixes it up and comes back to LA while selling cubanos. His son accompanies him from Miami to LA. There is some more drama to it but that’s the gist of the story.

After this Malayalam movie,” How old are you”, this movie made me think if social media is our friend or foe again. It is twitter in this movie. The first half shows it as a foe and the second half as friend. I am seriously worried how I am going to handle this social media thing when Vaandu starts using it.

Coming to movie the second half was so much fun. I really liked how they used twitter to inform their routes, menu and stuff.  The passion the chef has towards cooking amazed me. I am very much fascinated towards this food truck concept. Simple menu, you can change your menu as you want, sell at different places (of course you need license).  Kiddo was watching bits and pieces of second half and he was also fascinated by food truck. (First half not advisable for the kids)

We both started talking about our own menu and how we can sell and all those business tactics. ;-) ;-) It was total fun to discuss this concept with vaandu. I was so proud and hubby was looking at me and I know what he meant. My mom used to say the same too. “It’s in your blood right?” – this is what both my mom and M say. Yes my great-grandfather and my grandfather (paternal side) were running hotel and they had to close it for some reasons. (I haven’t seen both of them :-( ) My appa and my uncle got it into government sectors and that’s it no one thought about that. I don’t want to start that again either..  I enjoy coding as much as cooking. I need both. :-) I can be a chef but I don’t know if I can be a restaurateur.

Ok coming to the movie again we enjoyed the movie and a great time pass for sure :-) Let us know if you have any other movie recos.. :-)

15 thoughts on “Chef – movie

  1. Sia

    How much we wanted to watch that movie when it was released in theatres here. I am thinking of who gave us negative reviews back then!! Sigh! I am going to download and watch the movie this weekend.

  2. Will watch this, Even V keeps dreaming of owning something like this and talks about it whenever he gets a chance, but I have a feeling that its not an easy job :)

    All the best to you :)

  3. I am yet to watch The Chef movie. Thanks for the suggestion Sri. “How old are you” I can talk about that movie for hours together, I so loved it to such an extent. True Social media can turn our life upside down. Ahh Sri, If I don’t get back to IT industry my only plan is to start some small food related business. But to be a restaurateur is quite a challenge. I am sure when you have it in blood, you should be able to manage :)

  4. I watched this movie a couple of months back.. Liked it, though every sentence had the F word. Sigh. That put apart, liked the concept. Guess what S and I were thinking of this cool idea of owning a truck too. Hehe. Being a restauranteur is not very easy I guess. I do dream about owning a good joint at times but not sure if it will work out.

    • :-) :-) Oh yeah the f word.. thats why I mentioned the first half is not advisable. We didn’t let the kiddo to watch second half also, he was just watch tidbits of it… Lets hope out dreams come true :-) :-)

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