Cheese Quesadilla

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For this week’s blogging Marathon, the theme is “Say Cheese”.  The first one is simple and a popular dish. A perfect kids friendly dish. I know this is a Mexican dish but I still go with cheddar and mozzarella cheese because of kiddo’s taste preference.

I got to explore about cheese only after coming to US.  While in India, I didn’t even realize there are this many cheese varieties. All I knew was Britannia and Amul cheese :-) Paneer is also very rare in our household. I grew up eating typical Brahm food.

My first awwwww moment was in Subway asking what cheese I wanted in my sub.  I had no clue about cheddar, pepper jack or swiss cheese. M asked me to go with swiss and I promptly nodded my head. But foodie in me, made to read all about these cheese and their making process.

Here are the two cheese varieties that you find in my fridge. The other ones come and go on required basis.

Cheddar: Ok, coming to cheddar you have multiple varieties with in itself like mild, sharp, yellow, white etc. I usually get the mild yellow cheddar and its kiddo’s favorite. It’s from cow’s milk and one of the most consumed cheese in the world.  I used them for quesadilla, any cheese toast, just as snack even.

Mozzarella: This cheese is made from buffalo milk. I usually add them in salads. Mozzarella balls with basil, tomatoes drizzled with balsamic yummmmm.

Cheese Quesadilla

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  • Taco sauce – 1 tsp for each tortilla
  • Tortilla – 2
  • Shredded cheddar and Mozzarella – as required


  • First warm the tortillas in the tava for 30 seconds.
  • Now spread 1 tsp of taco sauce (adjust according to your taste) on the tortilla.

2015-01-08 19.36.46

  • Spread both cheddar and mozzarella and fold the tortilla into a semi circle.

2015-01-08 19.37.532015-01-08 19.38.112015-01-08 19.38.38

  • Now place in the tava again and cover and cook for 40 seconds on each side.
    • Covering and cooking helps to keep the tortilla soft and cheese melts quickly.

2015-01-08 19.42.47

That’s it. Now cut them in triangle shapes and yummy Quesadilla is ready.

2015-01-09 17.14.292015-01-08 19.43.08


  • Additional Taco sauce gives unique flavor (resembles taco bell quesadilla)
  • You can also add mayo and cheese.

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40 thoughts on “Cheese Quesadilla

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  2. PJ

    Simple and easy snack for kids and adults. Of late various types of cheese is available here too and I am slowly trying to add them into the menu :)

  3. Ya in India we do not have much variety of cheese but I guess we all are getting aware of the different ones now and probably getting them surely have to pay a huge price to get them, but I guess once in a while it’s fine.
    The quesadillas look great and sinful.

  4. thanks for the details about Cheese Vidhya.. I never cared to read about them in detail and this post helped me to know more about it.. I must try this for LHB.. My restricting cheese for Adi due to weight issues but at the same time want to try cheese for LHB.. I bought shredded cheese twice and both was emptied by the girl but little hesitant to buy cheese now.. I even used to use cheddar cheese on omlettes for kids..

  5. So I am pretty particular about our cheese buying becauseof rennet . I pick very few brands and that’s why only end up with cheddar. Mozzarella freshly made at whole foods is rennet free too and I do buy it for a treat . Love the salad with tomato, basil and spinach you mentioned:)

    • True.. This rennet thing. You know we should be either vegan or non-vegetairan. Being this vegetarian is really difficult. Recently in costco I found fish oil as one ingredient in their brand whole milk. (Omega fortified). I know we take omega3 supplements which is fish oil, but in milk???

  6. Love the way you wrote it :D , Even I did not have any idea of what sort of cheese to have specially in subway :P nice write up and loved your quesadilla’s :)

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