NonRecipe: Vinegar for cleaning

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Along with my regular bulk purchases in Costco, I buy Vinegar in bulk too. So I get two of the above.

Wait wait, I don’t use them for cooking but for cleaning. Apart from cooking, vinegar can be used as a cleaning agent and it’s a great cleaning agent. Nothing can be matched to vinegar when it comes to cleaning. :-) :-)I am very finicky about my vessels especially when it comes to kitchen and I want it to be clean. When you see my kitchen and my closet, you cannot believe that it is maintained by same person.  I do clean my closets but not like my kitchen.  ;-) ;-)

Here is how I use vinegar,

  • The water is very hard where we are currently residing. So the stainless steel vessels leave a residue around. Vinegar helps to remove that residue. Monthly once I soak all my vessels and cutleries and even glass vessels in diluted vinegar for 4 to 5 hrs and clean them. I will be all gone and it will be as good as new.
  • Difficult strains. After making theratti paal, cleaning that vessel will be really difficult. I just soak that vessel in non-diluted vinegar and then cleaning process becomes very easy.
  • Twice a month I clean my dishwasher (yeah I do that too) with vinegar. Just fill vinegar instead of detergent and run a normal cycle without vessels.
  • When we park cars outside especially close to curbs, due to sprinklers you get these tiny spots in the car windows.  We wipe those spots clear with vinegar.
  • And of course floor cleaning also, but I haven’t used it that much.

One thing about vinegar is its strong smell. I need to wear mask while cleaning the car for sure. I cannot handle the strong odour. But in spite of that I love vinegar. More than for cooking, I use vinegar for cleaning.


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