My first bloggers meet

My holiday season started with full masti. I met Vidya of Traditionally Modern Food and Malar of Malar’s kitchen.  It was a last minute plan. Both their trips to Bay got finalized only two weeks before Christmas and from that point we started planning about this meet.  It was pretty difficult to coordinate. I had guests visiting, Malar had some family get together and had to return back on Sunday and Vidya with sick kid and preplanned trips. Amidst of all these we successfully managed to squeeze in some time for us and we met. Hurrrrrayyyyy!!! :-) :-) :-)

The best part was when we met, we started talking to each other as if we knew for years. I know we were chatting and whatsapping for past 6 months but still… People who saw us chatting and laughing wouldn’t have believed if we told them that we are virtual friends and meeting for the first time. Malar came to my place and we drove together and met Vidya. It was total fun.

Being food bloggers we spoke about food and all the restaurants in south bay and of course about traffic and weather. ;-) (One was mentioning Bay is very cold and the other was telling its not cold at all. Me as usual like every others in Bay area was warning about the wind factor and the unpredictable weather.) We kept talking about food to such an extent that we forgot to order food for ourselves. Then for namesake we ordered some food and continued our chatting. I don’t know if there was any topic left out. We discussed about parenting, cinema, work, studies, Facebook, Pinterest, family, our natives and what not?

I need to agree it was a very short visit and one and half hours was not enough for three of us. But we were glad that at least we met and were able to spend some time together. We are no more virtual friends. :-) :-) :-)

Will see you all with a recipe post tomorrow. :-)

PS1: The New Year’s day was calm and quiet. Spent good quality time with the family and saw the telugu movie Manam. Cute movie and finally Samantha got some screen space to act and in that trio my vote is for Nagarujanaaa.. Sighhhhh!!!!! ;-)

PS2: Signed up for good reads challenge. But only 12 books :-) Lets see how it goes.

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