Looking back at 2014


One more week and we will be stepping into 2015. I don’t know where and how 2014 went. A year with lot of ups and downs but for my blog it has been a great year altogether. It took me 5 years to write 100 posts but it took only less than 6 months to write 93 posts. You can clearly see how this year has been for me. I wasn’t planning to do a retrospective but when I received the email about “Best of 2014 ” from my BM group, thought why not? Looking at the positives is always good. So here I am. As I don’t want to write as paragraphs, I am doing my year of blogging in bullets.

  • Obviously I was able to spend lot of time for my blog.
  • The major change that happened this year was moving my blog from blogger to WP and getting my own domain.
  • I am not able to say my top visited posts as I lost all my stats while moving from blogger to WP. I am not regretting about that. Moving to WP helped me a lot and expanded my blogging world and got lot of friends.
  • If I remember correctly, these were my top favorite posts – chow chow kootu, Quinoa green gram dosai and all breakfast smoothies.
  • Got personal emails and comments on my recipes. I am so glad that people are trying out my recipes.
  • Successfully participated in 3 blogging marathons. As it was 3 days in a row for 4 weeks, it wasn’t that difficult but it did help explore new foods and of course learnt a lot.
  • Apart from recipe post, I tried some non-recipe posts like product reviews, book talks and about gadgets I use.
  • The best of 2014 in my opinion is the release of my postpartum recipe eBook and it was possible only via IMC and their team. Tons of thanks to them.


I think I have done enough self-promotion.

My plans/resolutions for 2015, you can see them on Jan 1st. Hope you all had a terrific year and wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you all back in 2015.  :-) :-)


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