Non – Recipe – Happy Thanksgiving

I cannot explain my thankfulness in one single post. I am thankful to zillion things that happens around me. This year has its own ups and downs. One thing that I realized this year was, people around me have more confidence in me than the confidence that I have in myself. Here are some of the things that I am thankful for, particularly this year.

I am thankful to,

  •  IMC team – When I wanted to share my thoughts about parenting, they gave me the platform and also gave me the opportunity to develop their android app. I am really thankful to the team for letting me do what I love…
  •  IMC team again. My book on postpartum recipes got published in kindle. I never dreamt of releasing a book but that became a reality today because of IMC team.
  • My walking partners P, S and N. When I was cribbing to go to gym, they introduced me the outdoor walking, motivated and pushed me to walk at least 5 days. I am totally enjoying it. If I am able to do a half walkathon and lost XX lbs., it’s only because of them. They even made me hike @4:30AM in the morning.
  • My work and the company which helps me to balance my work and life.
  •  All my friends. In foreign country, friends become your extended family. I am thankful that my BFFs who I knew for the past 12 years are here around with me.
  • Kavitha, my crochet instructor and friend. When I told her that I can’t do crochet, she motivated and taught me to do crochet and today I have completed 3 projects with crochet. I need to agree her words, it’s a complete stress buster.
  •  “Band of Brothers” – the World War II mini-series. I have seen many war movies and other movies and ads where people don’t know where their next meal is going to come from and all that stuff. But nothing affected me like this series. My way of handling failure and problems got completely changed after watching this.
  •  All my blogger friends and my readers. I really enjoyed all the tags and awards and learnt a lot from them too.
  •  Downs and failures as they taught me valuable lessons.

I am able to do all the above only because of my family. I am thankful to

  •  My kiddo who is ready to adjust to my schedule. I only have a set morning routine. Our evenings are different each and every day. I don’t follow a strict routine daily. I think that’s what makes me to look forward to each and every day.
  • My better half. He is there behind my success and failure. He is there to support and guide me.
  • My In-laws who understand my passion and support me throughout.

The post is not yet over. I have to thank two main persons.

  • My Parents – Who gave everything for me and without them I won’t be here sitting and writing this post.
  •  Last but not the least, God for giving me all the above.

Happy Thanksgiving.. :-) :-)

Will be posting Vegetarian Thanks giving meal soon along with my blogging marathon. So stay tuned :-) :-)


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