Green Smoothie with Banana and Apple

We are in our third week of blogging marathon. This week its gonna my favorite one, smoothies. I am not sure if its going to sizzling, but its going to be healthy. As I mentioned in my previous post, I prefer smoothies for my breakfast where I can add my protein powder. By that way I can have a healthy breakfast loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and also protein. It is always good to add greens with fruits. Also I don’t add any sugar or honey. I go with the sweetness of the fruits and also the sugars in the protein powder.

Here are my previous attempts with Kale.  But for today I am going with regular greens (spinach)

  1. Attempt 1
  2. Attempt 2
  3. Attempt 3
  4. Attempt 4

Spinach – 15-20 leaves
Apple – 1 (I peeled the skin and chopped them roughly)
Ripe bananas – 2 
Protein Powder – 1 scoop (as mentioned in the label, the protein powder I used is vanilla flavor)
Water – 1 cup

2014-08-11 07.20.34

I used regular blender to blend everything. Bananas sweetness overpowers the sourness of apple and slight bitterness of kale :-) Here is our smoothie ready to be packed for me and my hubby.

2014-08-11 07.24.00

Submitting this post for Blogging Marathon #43 – A 3 day marathon for 4 weeks
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