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The South-West monsoon starts around June- July  in most of the parts of India which will be soon followed by the North-East. Having a cup of tea and enjoying the rain is an awesome feeling.

Tea is one of the popular beverages in India and also in the whole world. According to wikipedia, Tea was first introduced into India by the British, in an attempt to break the Chinese monopoly on tea. Tea was planted initially in Assam then in Darjeeling and then it spread across. Now we have our own traditional tea and India is one among the largest tea producers.

Ok, now coming back to the post. :-) oh boy, How many condiments we can add to tea to make it delicious? I am a coffee person, I know it doesn’t come as a surprise right? :-) :-) But these amazing condiments are trying to make me as a tea person. I started drinking tea, during my undergrad days. In the evenings, we used to get only tea in our hostel. So thats how I started drinking tea. My hostel tea is plain tea with no condiments.

Amma usually adds tulsi and ginger to tea and sometimes cardamom. I was under the impression that we only add ginger and cardamom to tea for a long time.

When I came to US, one of our friend added Saanf/big jeera in the tea along with elaichi and ginger. I was so surprised when they added saanf but the tea tasted delicious.

Then my other friend P added lemon grass in tea. Again I was totally surprised. She only added lemon grass, but the tea was heavenly :-)

And last week when we went to our friends place, she added mint leaves and cardamom in tea. I realized the tea was different and tasted really good. I know it for sure its not lemon grass and when she told its mint leaves, I was surprised again.

Tulsi, Mint leaves, Saanf, Ginger, Cardamom, Lemon grass and I am sure this list is going to continue. 

So what condiments do you add in your tea?


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  3. Subha

    Hey vidhya… Nice research on tea preparation… I will try use one of these everytime next time when i make tea.. thanks for the post vidhya..

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