Sodappal Stories – Rasagulla

Its been long time since I posted my kitchen disasters. (You can fine my previous one here) It doesn’t mean that all my kitchen experiments were successful. :-) My enthusiasm was at its peak during february and march, which means I had a whole bunch of sodappals too. Here comes my Rasagulla sodappal. And this happened in India. 

I have made rasagullas before, but for making paneer I have always used rice vinegar. Also I wash the paneer before tying it in the cloth so that paneer doesn’t smell like vinegar. I haven’t tried lemon at all. So this time in India, at my chithi’s house, I volunteered to make rasagulla. No vinegar and I had to go with lemon. I didn’t wash the paneer this time thinking that, lemon is not as strong as vinegar. Also I think, I added too much of lemon juice. You know what, the whole rasagulla tasted like lemon-gullas. I tried adding more sugar, huh no use !!! :-( :-(  I didn’t know what to do with the rasagullas.  Ended up wasting them.

Why should this happen in India that too when I cooking for my relatives? I was so embarrassed,  but what to do?? Sodappal is a sodappal. I haven’t tried rasagulla after that. Should try it again sometime.

*Sodappal – disaster

6 thoughts on “Sodappal Stories – Rasagulla

  1. acho,, instead of understanding soddapal, somehow i was reading it in mind as soda+ pal.. i thought you used soda in milk to make rasagulla.. cha why my tamil reading skills are going so bad.. :(

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