Kale Juice with Bananas (Attempt-4)

Its already June.. Time just flies. Ok, this is going to be my last post related to kale juice for now. I don’t want to bore with Kale juice every week.

And as you know this is my fourth attempt of kale juice. Like melons, I wasn’t sure whether bananas blend with Kale. And I don’t like bananas and pineapple together too. So this time, I tried without pineapples. You can fine my previous attempts here

  1. Attempt 1
  2. Attempt 2
  3. Attempt 3

Kale – 15-20 leaves
Cantaloupe – 2 cups
Ripe bananas – 2 
Protein Powder – 1 scoop
Water – 1 cup

I used regular blender to blend everything. This was awesome. I couldn’t taste the bitterness of kale. Bananas sweetness overpowered everything :-)


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