Sodappal Stories (Excess salt)

Fy Fy Fy Sodapify.. One of my recent favorites from the movie PandiNaadu. Catchy tune. While listening to that song, I was thinking about my sodappals (Tamil word, meaning disaster) in my kitchen. (The song has got nothing to do with cooking, but I got hooked to that word). So why not post them?? Fun huh???
I didn’t learn cooking just like that. And I didn’t get the dishes right at the very first time. Cooking is an art, which has no end in learning. Sky is your limit. You can experiment and play with foods. With lot of trail and errors, and experiments here I am. So I thought sharing my sodappals  here and some remedies for some of them.
My very first sodappals of mine were with the salt measure. In India, I was using sea salt (Kal uppu). And Amma was there most of the time and she was helping me with salt measurement. I was not using any spoons and measuring cups. Just based on the quantity, I was measuring salt with hands. Then when I came to US, it was Iodized salt. The measures were completely different. I had to use spoons. Without the 1 tbsp measure, I cannot do anything. I became so much dependent on the measuring spoons. 
While adding salt, go with lesser measure. Its easy to add more if required, but if you add too much, it completely ruins the dish. On days of festivals, we cannot taste the dish. I always add less salt and after neivediyam (prayer offering), I taste the food before serving and add salt if needed. If by mistake you add more salt, the quick remedy is to add chopped potato and boil the dish again. (Disclaimer: This works well for gravy dishes). Potato absorbs the excess salt.  So make sure you always have potatoes in your fridge. 
More sodappals to come..

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