Mushroom Paniyaram | Mushroom Kuzhi Paniyaram

Mushroom Paniyaram

Today I am going to share yet another lunch box recipe with a veggie sneaked in. :-) Yesterday I posted ridgegourd rice, and today it’s the protein rich – mushroom paniyaram – a delicious and mess free lunch box recipe that vaandu loves. I usually use a different rice, dal proportion for paniyaram batter (you find it here) but for this recipe, I did not use the paniyaram batter instead, I went with my regular idli/dosa batter. Check out the simple recipe below.

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Ridgegourd Rice | Peerkangai Saadam

Ridgegourd Rice

The school season has already begun here in India, and it’s about to start in the USA and other countries soon. Packing kids lunch is always a challenging task. I shared a few kiddo’s favorite lunch box recipes last year, and here I am back with another set of kids friendly lunch box recipes. The first recipe that I am going to share is the Peerkangai Sadam/Ridgegourd rice. It’s a mild yet delicious rice with the veggie sneaked in.

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Karivepaku Pulihora | Curry Leaves Tamarind Rice


Puliodarai, Puliogare, Pulihora, the tangy tamarind rice is a famous South Indian variety rice. Pulihora is a must on all festive days in Telugu cuisine, and a thali is incomplete without this yummy pulihora. I have already posted two puliodarai recipes, the traditional Kovil puliodarai, and the instant puliodarai recipe. Today I am going to share the Andhra/Telangana style pulihora with curry leaves.

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Carrot Rice


So yesterday I posted a starter recipe with carrot and today it’s going to be the main course recipe with carrots. Here comes my carrot rice. Err honestly I am not sure how to name this recipe. These are some of the names that I was contemplating with: carrot palya rice, carrot masala baath, masala rice, carrot pulao. I even thought of calling it as carrot biryani, but I didn’t use any mint leaves or dry masalas, so finally gave it a generic name – Carrot rice. :-)

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Broccoli Paratha

Parathas are one among the popular Indian flatbreads.  There are different varieties of these Parathas and I love all the veggie based Parathas. This is yet another recipe to sneak in vegetables and try out all different options. Here is the super simple broccoli paratha prepared with wheat flour and corn flour and spiced up with sambar powder. (Yeah you heard it right – sambar powder)  


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Thukpa | Vegetable Noodle Soup

Thukpa is one among the popular noodle soups in India.  Thukpa is actually a Tibetan Noodle Soup and according to Wiki, “It originated in the eastern part of Tibet.  The dish became popular in Nepal, Bhutan, and the states of Sikkim, Assam, and Arunachal Pradesh in Northeast India. It is also popular in the Ladakh region and the state of Himachal Pradesh.” I cross posted this recipe earlier at Indian Moms Connect and this recipe was sent as a part of the July Month Treasure Box.


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Ghee Rice with Veggies and Paneer | Ghee Bhath

Here is a simple kid’s friendly Ghee Bhath or Ghee Rice with Veggies and Paneer – a perfect lunch box recipe. It is pretty much similar to pulav but without dried masalas or kada masala.  I know it’s still summer break and instead of posting summer specials, I am posting lunch box special. As summer specials are coming next week, I thought why not prep for back to school now?


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