Perfect Cheese Board for this Holiday Season

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of holiday season and holiday season of course means parties and get-togethers. Last year we hosted a small holiday party at our home for our friends and their families.  Be it a family get-together or an office party, hosting is a pretty involved task. Rearranging furniture, cleaning and decorating the house and the list goes on and oh yeah there is food too. Today I am going to share my ideas on how to create a perfect cheese board for the holiday party. Hmmm…. why cheese board?  (Spoiler Alert: Don’t miss the amazing contest to win a trip to Napa Valley, California! Details below.)

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Sukha Bhel with Barley Puffs | Zero Oil Recipe

I am sharing a healthy vegan and zero oil chaat recipe for the last day of this Cooking Carnival Blogging Marathon. It’s the sukha bhel recipe with barley puffs. Sukha means dry and basically this is a dry bhel recipe which is an easy grab and go chaat and perfect for mid-day hunger pangs. This recipe calls for a dry bhel chutney that can be prepared well ahead and stocked up. Once we have the dry chutney ready, this bhel can be assembled in no time.

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Bombay Sandwich

I am presenting a simple chaat sandwich recipe for the penultimate day. This sandwich is popularly known by the name Bombay Sandwich –a sandwich with yummy green chutney spread and veggies and cheese of course. I took the easy route, instead of preparing spicy potato filling, I just went with boiled potato slices which in turn reduced the cooking time and made this recipe to fall under the category of “Under 30 minutes” recipe. :-)

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Samosa Chole Chaat

If its samosa yesterday, it has to be samosa chole today. :-)  Like Tikkis, samosas can be served in multiple ways and one among them is the samosa chole and like sambar vadai, the fried samosa are soaked in the spicy chick pea gravy and topped with onions, cilantro and of course green chutney and sweet chutney. It is of my favorite way of having samosa. I always opt for samosa chole instead of plain samosa and this is very filling too. A plate of samosa chole with a lassi can be a meal on its own.

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Samosa – this fried or baked savory snack with spicy filling has become a universal chaat/appetizer these days. You can find them in the menu of other cuisines too and it is wide spread all over the world. In my kachori post I mentioned that, kachori is a cousin of Samosa. Yes, like kachori this savory snack is also filled with spicy filling and deep fried. Baked samosas are also getting popular, which I am reserving for this winter.

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Goli Baje | Mangalore Bajji | Mangalore Bonda

Goli Baje is a simple no onion – no garlic yet delicious delicacy from Mangalorean cuisine. It is also popularly called as Mangalore Bajji or Mangalore Bonda. All you need is some APF, yogurt, green chili, cilantro and curry leaves. There is no soaking or blending involved and it calls for the ingredients that are readily available in our pantry. As it is no onion-no garlic recipe, this can be prepared even on festival and vratham days.

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Sambar Vadai | Two in One Recipe Post

Sambar Vadai – the crispy deep fried savory snack soaked in the hot piping lentil sambar is one of my favorite comfort food and I can enjoy it for any meal.  The crispy vada when soaked in sambar becomes super soft and melts down as you chew it and the taste of the sambar vada depends completely upon the sambar. (Obviously right?) Here come my tiffin sambar 3, and the sambar vadai recipe. (Friendly warning, lengthy post ahead)


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