Ragi Malpua

The second recipe that I am going to post under the “Holi Recipe” theme is the Ragi Malpua. Malpua is a sweet pancake which is quite famous in Orissa, but it found its way to the other states and now it has become a popular dessert throughout India. Instead of frying the malpua, I prepared them like regular dosa and stuffed it with grated coconut – nut filling. Also, I made it with Ragi flour, Wheat flour, and Oats flour thus making diabetic friendly.

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Quinoa & Nectar Kheer | Quinoa Pudding with Liquid Sweetner

I am wishing a Happy Navratri / Vijaya Dasami/ Durga Puja to all my friends. Today I am presenting a low calorie healthy kheer or Payasam or pudding. I can hear you asking, how can a kheer; a sweet recipe can be healthy and low calorie? What if it’s prepared with quinoa and without any sugar? Here comes my Quinoa Kheer prepared with Truvia® Nectar

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Samai Paruppu Saadam | Little Millet Lentil Rice | Kongu Nadu special

Arisi Paruppu sadam or the lentil rice is one of the popular recipes from the Kongu Nadu Region of Tamil Nadu. It’s a quick one pot meal prepared with rice which I replaced with little millet and toor dal. It’s a prefect weekday dinner or lunch box recipe which can be prepared easily. We love this with appalam or chips. But this can be served with pickle or raita or with your favorite veggie. This recipe is a complete meal by itself.


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Quinoa & Vegetable Dum Biryani | Tamil Nadu Style

This is a traditional Tamil Nadu Style Vegetable Dum Biryani. The interesting twist here is that rice is replaced with quinoa. So here is a fiber rich, protein filled and nutritious quinoa biryani making it perfect for everyone. The quinoa and the vegetables are cooked separately and layered together and steamed again on low flame / Dum to enhance the aromatic flavors.


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Horsegram Dal Rasam Podi

  Homemade Rasam podi prepared with Horsegram dal or Kollu in Tamil or Kulthi in Hindi. This rasam podi is used for preparing kollu rasam quickly without roasting and pressure cooking the horse gram. This can be prepared in a large quantity  and stored as it  has a longer shelf life. Kollu or Kaanam is one of the staple lentils used in the rural parts of TN but with its gaining popularity and because of its health benefits its penetrating everywhere. 


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Short Grains Idli Dosa | Siru Dhaniya Idli Dosai

Yes, yet another idly and dosa recipe. I wrote this post, all about idly and dosa where I mentioned about the difference rice varieties. This is a no-rice idly/dosa recipe. This dosa is prepared with four short grains namely Fox Tail Millet (Tinai), Barnyard Millet (Kudiraivali), Kodo Millet (Varagu) and Little Millet (Samai). Instead of regular urad dal, I went with the black urad dal and I didn’t remove the husk while washing. This is a fiber and protein filled, nutrient rich idly and dosa.

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Pearl Millet Gruel / Kambu Koozh

I am trying out different recipes with millets or siru thaniyangal (as we say in Tamil) these days and today it is all about the pearl millet or Bajra or Kambu (கம்பு). India is the largest producer of pearl millet and Rajasthan is the highest producing state. So this shouldn’t be hard to find in India right? 

Here is the nutrition information: (Source Wiki)

Crop / NutrientProtein(g)Fiber(g)Minerals(g)Iron(mg)Calcium(mg)
Pearl millet10.61.32.316.938

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Oats Porridge

For the third day I am preparing my one of my daily breakfast – oats porridge. I prefer liquids and semi liquids for my breakfast. Either my breakfast smoothies with protein powder or gruel or this porridge. We all know health benefits of oats. Oats cereal has loads of soluble fiber which helps to reduce the cholesterol and also aids in weight loss. A healthy breakfast and keeps you full. I am content and satisfied with a cup of oats porridge and with a cup of fruit. Yet another grab and go breakfast. 

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