Instant Pot Tomato Charu with Onions | Pappu Charu

It’s been a long time since I posted a rasam recipe. I always wanted to try different rasam recipes from other cuisines, and this upcoming thali theme helped me to explore and experiment this tomato charu recipe. I prepared this charu recipe as part of the Andhra/Telangana Thali.  This Tomato onion charu recipe with garlic tempering is very soothing and appetizing. It can be served as a rice accompaniment and also as a starter soup. 

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Horse Gram Dal Rasam with Home made Rasam Powder | Kollu Rasam

A soothing and comfortable rasam prepared with kollu rasam podi instead of regular rasam podi or fresh ground rasam podi. A quick and easy way to prepare this healthy kollu rasam or horsegram dal rasam is with the horsegram dal rasam powder. You can find the horse gram dal rasam podi recipe here. I posted the rasam powder recipe during the april month marathon and here is the rasam recipe using the same. This rasam can be prepared under 30 minutes similar to goddu rasam. (I am using tamarind paste so no soaking time is involved.)

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Vepampoo Rasam | Dried Neem Flower Rasam

 Vepampoo or Dried neem flowers are known for its health benefits. This is a very mild rasam and prepared similar to goddu rasam and tempered with dried neem leaves in the end. It is a mix between paruppu rasam and goddu rasam, this rasam uses cooked toor dal water instead of mashed toor dal itself. This is a mild soup and great a rice accompaniment too.

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Horsegram Dal Rasam Podi

  Homemade Rasam podi prepared with Horsegram dal or Kollu in Tamil or Kulthi in Hindi. This rasam podi is used for preparing kollu rasam quickly without roasting and pressure cooking the horse gram. This can be prepared in a large quantity  and stored as it  has a longer shelf life. Kollu or Kaanam is one of the staple lentils used in the rural parts of TN but with its gaining popularity and because of its health benefits its penetrating everywhere. 


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Thippili / Pippal Rasam

 Thippili Rasam was in my todo list for a long time and last week I got both Arisi Thippili and Kandan Thippili and here I am with the recipe. Arisi Thippili is nothing both long pepper or Pippal and I have posted the kashayam prepared with that in 2014. It is a very soothing and comforting rasam especially when you are down with flu. Long pepper or thippili is known for its expectorant properties. I like both kashayam and rasam but me being a rasam lover will always opt for it.


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Pineapple Rasam

 Rasam is my favorite food and there loads and loads of rasam varieties. This pine apple recipe is one such variety and as the name suggests, it is prepared with pine apples. I have tasted this rasam only in restaurants and in marriage functions. They usually grind the fresh masala for this. But I went with regular rasam podi to make the process faster and simple. :-) I did add a teaspoon of pepper powder to enhance the flavor.

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Lemon Rasam

 The weather is cold and chill with showers now and then. Rasam is always comforting and this weather calls for this comforting rasam daily. Usually during weekend I prepare both rasam and sambhar and the sambhar will be the traditional Araichu Vitta Sambhar. So I soak sufficient quantity of toor dhal for 15 minutes pressure cook for both rasam and sambhar. Just when I was about to start the prep work for rasam, my mom reminded me about the lemons sitting in the fridge. So I thought why not prepare lemon rasam? Luckily I didn’t soak tamarind. For lemon rasam, I usually don’t add tamarind. We just love the tanginess from the lemon itself.

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Goddu Rasam – Comforting Rasam within 30 minutes

I love rasam and so does Vaandu. We both can live only with rasam rice. Its the most comforting meal for us. All I need is rasam rice with some pickle or thokku or with sutta appalam – a heavenly meal. The only problem with rasam is the time for cooking the toor dhal. But you can always opt for Jeera – Milagu (Cumin-Pepper) Rasam. But again for that you need to grind the masala. There are days when I don’t want to spend too much time in my kitchen. I want to get everything done in 30 minutes and relax. So here is my goto rasam and this is called Goddu Rasam or as we say in kannada goddu Saaru. 

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Homemade Rasam Podi/Powder


Rasam is one among the staple food of Tamil Nadu and my mom prepares it almost every day. It is also the most comforting food. There are different varieties of Rasam. Parappu Rasam, Mysore Rasam, Kollu Rasam, Jeera Milagu Rasam and so on. Each and every family will have their own rasam powder recipe which forms the base for the rasam. I got this recipe from my mom. To be precise she makes it every time and I get this from India.

The main difference between rasam powder and sambhar powder is the texture and color. Sambhar powder is very fine and slightly dark or more orangish than rasam powder.


  • Dhaniya seeds – 3 cup
  • Dry red chillies – 1 cup
  • Toor dhal – 1 cup
  • Black Pepper – 1 ¼ cups
  •  Jeera – 1 cup
  • Curry leaves – 5-6 strands
  • Turmeric Powder – ¼ cup


(Now-a-days the flour mills are not accepting  virali manjal as it gets struck in the machine. So I am using turmeric powder and I mix it as the last ingredient)



  •  Sun dry all the ingredients for at least 2 days. If its peak summer 1 day should be sufficient.  Basically you should be able to crush the red chillies and dhaniya with the hand. Thats the right stage and an indicator that the ingredients are ready for dry grinding.
  • We usually give these ingredients in the flour mill and get it grinded into fine powder. If you don’t have flour mill nearby dry grind in the mixie and make sure you mix well after grinding all the ingredients.
  •  And that’s it. Rasam powder is ready and store this in an air tight container.