Vegan Mango And Coconut Jello With Agar Agar | Woon Mamuang

Here is the gorgeous vegan no bake mango dessert – Mango Coconut Jello or Panna Cotta or Woon Moongwang (in Thai). This delicacy is prepared with Mango puree and coconut milk and of course with sugar and the jello is set using agar agar powder making it perfect for all vegetarians and vegans. This week’s BM theme is No Bake Dessert.  The moment I saw this theme, I picked it right away so as to try all the mango based desserts. I know it’s not one fruit theme, but still you will be seeing mango recipes in the coming days and weeks.


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Thai Iced Tea

After a long time I am posting a Thai recipe. Here is the summer special cool Thai Iced Tea recipe. I prepared this Thai Tea with store bought Thai Tea mix, which I sweetened with condensed milk and sugar and topped it up with evaporated milk and with a dash of coconut milk, Usually the Thai tea is brewed first and then sweetened and just before serving the sweetened tea is added to the crushed ice and the milks are added after. I have included the video also.


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Vegetarian Thai Yellow Curry With Tofu

After Thai Ingredients, Red Curry and Green Curry, here I am today with my favorite Yellow Curry with tofu. A very mild and sweet vegetarian yellow curry  prepared with turmeric and loaded with veggies and tofu but with no fish/shrimp sauce. I know I am bombarding you all with Thai Curries continuously. But after this curry will take a break from Thai Cuisine for a while. Here is my version of the yellow curry.

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Vegetarian Thai Green Curry

I posted about Thai Ingredients and yesterday I posted the Red Curry recipe. Today I am posting the green curry recipe. Thai Green Curry recipe pretty much resembles Indian curry but with citrus flavor. The main reason reason behind this is the cilantro. Cilantro forms the major base for this recipe and that’s the key ingredient for the green color. I the thai chillies I used for red curry was super spicy so I scaled down a lot for this green curry.

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Vegetarian Thai Red Curry With Tofu

I posted about the main Thai Ingredients used for the curries this sunday. So here I am today with Red Curry Recipe. Pretty much all the Thai curry pastes use shrimp paste called as Gapi or fish sauce. So obviously I am skipping them in my recipe and making it vegetarian. I am replacing the protein part (meat) with Tofu. But if you don’t have tofu just go with vegetables or with paneer.

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