Baked Jicama Fries

Looking healthy alternatives for regular potato fries? How about some fiber-rich Baked Jicama Fries? Yes, that’s what I am going to share today. So what is Jicama(pronounced as hee-cama)? It is an edible root grown in the warm climates of Central America, the Caribbean, the Andes Mountain regions, and Southern Asia, where it’s an essential as well as an extremely versatile food source. It is popularly known as Mexican Yam Bean or Mexican Turnip.

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Quiche | Eggless Mixed Vegetable and Tofu Quiche

Eggless Mixed Vegetable Tofu Quiche

Looking for a protein rich, quick and delicious meal? Then this recipe is for you. Here is the vegetarian version of the French delicacy – Quiche with Tofu and vegetables.  When I tried my vegan tofu frittata, I made a note to try a quiche with tofu but completely forgot. Glad I forgot, if not I would struggle for the alphabet Q. :-) So here is the eggless quiche recipe with tofu. Please refer to the notes section for the vegan version.

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Pesto Pizza

Pesto Pizza with homemade pizza dough

P is for Pizza, precisely Pesto Pizza and it’s my favorite kind of pizza. This is my second recipe from the land of Italy after Focaccia. I love thin crust pizzas and the one that I posted earlier is also a thin crust one and today’s recipe is also a thin crust one. Will you believe me that this pizza is a perfect weekday dinner and it can be prepared within 30 minutes with proper planning? No, I am not kidding, and that’s what I am going to share today, how I planned and prepared this.

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Obi Non

Baked Naan | Uzbek special Obi Non

Today’s recipe is a “naan” recipe from Persia called – Obi Non. Obi non or lepyoshka is a kind of flat tandoor bread popular in Afghan, Tajik and Uzbek cuisine. It is shaped like a disc and comparatively thicker than naan. There are different varieties of Naan, and it originates from Central and South Asia with influence from the Middle-East. I am going to share one of the naan varieties called obi non which is quite popular in Uzbekistan.

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Knäckebröd | Rye Crispbread from Sweden

I always learn a lot of new recipes from this month long marathon. In the previous years, I picked safe themes. But this year, I had to come out of my comfort zone and look, I started to explore the recipes from all over the world now. :-) For the alphabet K, I picked a crispbread recipe which is more like a cracker recipe, from Sweden. It’s the Knäckebröd bread prepared mainly with rye flour.

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Baked Methi Mathri

Holi, the festival of colors is in a couple of weeks’ time, and when I saw Holi Recipes as one of the Blogging Marathon themes for this month, without any second thought, I picked it up. All the chaats and snacks, fall under the Holi recipe category, and I have posted most of them last September. This time, I wanted to keep it simple and healthy yet delicious.  So I am starting off with perfect tea time snack – Methi Mathri, precisely Baked Methi Mathri. 

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Vegetarian Bread Stuffing | Thanksgiving Sides

The next thanksgiving vegetarian recipe is the bread stuffing or the thanksgiving stuffing. As the name suggests, it’s the filling that goes inside the turkey and hence the name thanksgiving stuffing. But I am going to present it as a thanksgiving side. (err main dish for vegetarians). This stuffing is usually prepared with dry bread or croutons or with left over baguette along with veggies. The main herb that is used in this recipe is the sage.

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